• November 1972 – The first Library opens in the basement of City Hall on Main Street. 
  • June 1973 – A city ordinance was passed officially creating the Huxley Public Library  with the first librarian being Aileen Matheson, who was assisted by Evelyn Button.
  • March 1987 – Due to growth and use, the library was moved to a space in the Ballard Plaza.
  • April 1990 – Continued growth of the library dictated a move to the Huxley Professional Building.
  • February 2003 – With even more growth and the help of the school, the library moved to its present location in the top floor of the 3C’s building. We now serve as both the Huxley Public Library and the Ballard Middle School Library. 
  • January 2007 – The Huxley Public Library becomes fully accredited by the State of Iowa for the first time.
  • February 2010 – At 12:57pm on February 4, we checked out our one millionth item.
  • Summer 2019 – The first major remodel to the library in the 3C’s building was completed.  This involved removal of the school's computer lab, moving JF and YA collections to that space and increasing the size of the children’s area.
Interesting Fact!  The Huxley Public Library began with about 2000 books and 170 patrons. Today, we have over 40,000 items and well over 4,000 patrons! We are now open six days and four evenings a week to accommodate the various schedules of our patrons.