Zoning Board of Adjustments Documents

Zoning Board of Adjustments – 5 year terms (5)

Paul Wilken

Board Member

Term Started: 1/1/2020
Address: 109 Majestic Oak
Phone: 597-2073
Email: paul.hrc@gmail.com

Allison Easter

Board Member

Term Started: 6/1/2019
Address: 220 Centennial Dr.
Phone: 290-3383
Email: ameaster@gmail.com

Ed Denbeste


Term Started:   6/1/2018
Address: 508 N. 2nd
Phone: 597-2147
Email: eedenbeste@hotmail.com

Roger Wheeler

Board Member

Term Started:   6/1/2017
Address: 805 N. 5th Ave
Phone: 249-0107
Email: rogw@iowatelecom.net

John Rohden

Board Member

Term Started:   6/1/2017
Address: 501 Parkwood Cr.
Phone: 571-9770
Email: john.roden9@gmail.com

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