Mission & Purpose

The Tree Board recommends city tree plantings, maintains newly planted trees and provides trees and tree planting aid to citizens


The Tree Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Agendas are always posted at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting date on the front window at 3C’s.

Tree Board Meetings

Tree Board Notices

Tree Board – 3 Year Terms (5)

Mark Judge


Term Ends:  1/1/2019
Address:  306 N. Main Ave #2
Phone:  319-610-3686
Email:  markjudge2000@gmail.com

Wayne Messer


Term Ends: 1/1/2019
Address: 1007 Timberlane
Phone: 597-4240
Email: wrmesser@gmail.com

John Uselding


Term Ends: 1/1/2018
Address: 1306 Sand Cherry Ln
Phone: 597-2736
Email: jeusee@gmail.com

Kevin Cole

Grant Writer

Term Ends: 1/1/2018
Address: 55833 Oak Bend Rd.
Phone: 597-3457
Email: kkcole@huxcomm.net

Mike Betz

Vice Chair

Term Ends: 1/1/2018
Address: 103 Majestic Oak Circle
Phone: 597-4232
Email: betz.mike1@gmail.com

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