Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Kindergarten-2nd grade participants will play in the Huxley Parks and Recreation Flag Football league and this league will require no travel, Teams will practice and play games in Huxley. This is a no-contact football league that emphasizes learning the basics of football. Program consists of (1) one hour practice during the week and (1) game on Saturday mornings. Each participant receives an authentic NFL youth football jersey. All teams coached by volunteers. Games will be played at the Larson Family Sports Fields. Teams will play 5 vs 5 in this league and will use the NFL Flag Rule Book.

National NFL K-2ND Flag Football 2017
Rules (Additional rules: no rushing)
Free Flag Football Playbook
Picture Schedule
Kindergarten Flag Football Schedule 2017
Kindergarten Flag Football Roster 2017
1st-2nd Flag Football Schedule 2017
1st/2nd Flag Football Roster 2017


Central Iowa Recreation League (CIRL) 3rd-6th Grade Flag Football

The Huxley Parks and Recreation Department offers a youth flag football program during the fall each year. 3rd-6th grade participants will play in the Central Iowa Recreation League. 3rd-6th grade participants will register through the Huxley Parks and Recreation Department for the league. Huxley teams will practice in Huxley but will be required to travel to other communities for some games. Teams will play 7 vs 7 in this league and will use the CIRL flag rules.

3-4 Grade

3-4 League Schedule

3rd/4th Flag Football Roster 2017

5-6 Grade

5-6 Schedule
5th/6th Flag Football Roster


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