Mission & Purpose

The Parks and Recreation Board Advises the Park and Recreation Director regarding the maintenance, improvement, development, and use of the city’s parks, recreational facilities, and recreation programs. Rules governing recreation program participation and the use of city parks and recreational facilities are adopted by the board. The board also makes recommendations to the city council concerning a budget for operating expenses, capital improvements, and user fees.


The Parks & Recreation Board meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Agendas are always posted at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting date on the front window at 3C’s.

Park & Recreation Board – 3 Year Terms (7)

Cindy Drummond


Term Ends:  9/1/2018
Address: 512 N. 2nd Ave
Phone: 597-2998
Email: cindyloudrummond@gmail.com

Diana Hutson


Term Ends: 9/1/2018
Address: 1104 Northview Ln
Phone: 979-3493
Email: hutson.dianaL@gmail.com

Jay Johnson

Board Member

Term Ends: 9/1/2017
Address: 112 Cedar Lane
Phone: 597-3411
Email: jay.johnson@martinmarietta.com

Matt Petersen

Board Member

Term Ends: 9/1/2019
Address: 1201 Sand Cherry Lane
Phone: 597-3416
Email: mppetersen11@gmail.com


Board Member

Term Ends: 9/1/2019
Address: 202 Sycamore Blvd

Beth Compton

Board Member

Term Ends: 9/1/2019
Address: 507 Timberlane
Phone: 240-0460
Email: bcompton3416@msn.com

Jeremy Arends

Board Member

Term Ends: 9/1/2018
Address: 605 Maple Dr
Phone: 371-7541
Email: jeremyarends@hotmail.com