The City of Huxley will begin the expansion of the Water Treatment Facility in 2022.  Elected officials and city staff are committed to managing the costs associated with this expansion in the most efficient and sustainable way while maintaining our commitment to the city’s future growth. An increase in water and sewer rates will become effective on July 1, 2021.  Residents will see the rate change on their August water bill. The rate changes are as follows:

WATER                     2020 Rates               2021 Rates
Base Rate:                       $17.15                            $18.15
Consumption Rate           5.00                                5.93
(per thousand gallons)

SEWER                      2020 Rates                2021 Rates
Base Rate:                        $25.00                            $25.00
Consumption Rate              4.72                                4.86
(per thousand gallons)

SECOND METER     2020 Rates              2021 Rates
Base Rate:                         $ 6.00                            $7.00
Consumption Rate              6.41                               7.69
(per thousand gallons)

Should you have any questions regarding the rate increase, please call City Hall at 515-597-2561.


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  • Gigi

    What is the justification for this? Our rates are high enough, stop increasing the rate or families will start to relocate. The city wants to grow, I get that but increasing the cost of living isn’t going to help. Our taxes and fees are crazy high now and it keeps getting worse.

    • Jolene Lettow

      The City has expanded enough that a new Water Treatment Facility is needed to keep up with the growing needs of the city. Thus, water rates are what cover the expenses of the expansion of a new Water Treatment Plant.

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