The City has finished its yearly inspection of trees that overhang the street and/or sidewalk.   The City Code states that “trees shall be kept trimmed to a clearance height of fourteen (14) feet for branches overhanging a street and eight (8) feet for branches overhanging a sidewalk.”  It is the homeowners’ responsibility to trim these trees and to dispose of the branches.  The City will have tree branch drop-off days on July 15, July 29, and August 5 at the City Maintenance Shop, 601 Oak Blvd, from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon to help dispose of the branches.  Trees must be trimmed by July 31st.  If trees are not done by this date, the City will trim the trees and residents will be charged the costs to trim tree.  Feel free to call 597-2256 with any questions or concerns.

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