Encompassing approximately 85 square miles, with a district population of almost 7000 residents. The communities of Cambridge, Huxley, Kelley and Slater came together in 1957 and formed the Ballard Community School District. The first graduating class was 1959. The name Ballard is derived from a creek that once flowed throughout the District. Ballard Community School District is located in the “Golden Circle” 10 miles south of Ames and 20 miles north of Des Moines. Its location provides the opportunities of small town living while enjoying access to metropolitan activities.

Student Drop-Off Zone

Parents within the Ballard School system that use the “Drop Off” zone in front of the Ballard Jr./Sr. High School must use this area for dropping off or picking up students ONLY. At no time should anyone use this area for parking or should anyone layover for any length of time in this designated area. The Huxley Police Department is working with the school district to add signage to this area. There are currently “No U Turn” signs posted at each end of the drop off area. Please be aware that “U Turns” can only be completed at intersections and not in the middle of the street.

3C’s Driveway

The City does not mind parents waiting in a parking space within the parking lot to pick up their children after school. However, please be sure to use a parking space while waiting instead of parking in the driveway.


West Elementary
East Elementary
Middle School
High School


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