• Story County Emergency Management (SCEM) has communicated with Homeland Security. Homeland Security intends to go to FEMA for Federal Individual Disaster Assistance for individuals, families, and businesses.  All jurisdictions in Story County will need to collect information on residential damages for our county to qualify for inclusion in the declaration if we get one.  There is no guarantee that this will occur but gathering the data is essential.
  • Residents Complete Self-Reporting:
    • Residents can report damages they have through a public damage reporting app at https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/7ddd269f8fbf4b8a9bd0f512dc53484d .  Story County will be making a push to residents to report damages using this app on their Facebook page.  The message is that we need the data to try to get federal assistance for families and individuals. However, just reporting the data will not initiate assistance. SCEM will also include information on the Iowa Aid formula that is for those at 200% of the poverty level and below.  When residents complete self-reporting, SCEM will offer the city a daily list of addresses from self-reported damages to the jurisdictions so the city can conduct damage assessments on those properties if we haven’t done so already.

The County and City requests the help of residents to report the damages to their property on the reporting app listed above. The more assistance provided by our residents, the more opportunity there can be for assistance to our communities.  Thank you!

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