Police Department: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of the Police Department?
The Huxley Police Department is located on the north end of the City’s building complex. The entire complex starts with the Ballard Middle School, then the 3Cs building which houses Park n Rec, City Library and City Hall, then the Huxley Safe Room / Tornado Shelter and then the Police Department. Our address is 515 N Main Ave.

How do I contact the Huxley Police Department?
24 hours a day and 365 days a year, you may call 515-597-2002 and be connected to the Story County Dispatcher. They will relay your message to the Huxley police officer on duty.  If it is an emergency, you may call the same number or call 911 as well.

How do I pay for a traffic ticket?
If a person has received a traffic ticket in Huxley or anywhere else in Story County, it may be paid to the Clerk of Court at 515 Clark Ave. Ames, Iowa 50010. Also the public can now pay traffic fines online through a State of Iowa website. Just click on the link below to do so. If the ticket was issued anywhere else outside of Story Co., there should be an address near the top for that county’s Clerk of Court. Send the ticket and fine money to that address or use the on line system.
On line ticket paying web address: http://www.judicial.state.ia.us

How or do I have to license my animal?
All pets, within the City of Huxley, must be properly licensed. The first thing you will need is to make sure your pet has an up-to-date rabies vaccination. Then you must bring a copy of the vaccination papers to the City Hall.  Once the animal is registered a tag will be issued that should be placed on the pet’s collar.  There is an annual fee of $10.   Residents must register pets each year by the 31st day of January. Not doing so may result in a fine.

Is there a leash law in Huxley?
Yes there is. If your pet is outside with you and is not in a fenced in backyard, the animal needs to be on a leash or chained up. Animals that are caught running at large and do not have a tag, will be taken to the pound.

Was my stray pet picked up by the City of Huxley?
If a police officer or a city worker catches an animal and the animal was not wearing a tag to tell us whom it belonged to, the city will take the animal to Slater Animal Hospital in Slater. You may call the clinic at 685-3526 to see if they are holding your animal. Before the animal is released, you must prove that it is vaccinated for rabies and then also get a city animal tag for it if it doesn’t already have one. You will also have to pay for the animal being in the pound.

Is there a snow ordinance in Huxley?
The City of Huxley does have a snow ordinance, which is Chapter 38.590 of the Municipal Code that is in effect any time there is 1 inch or more of snow and or ice on the streets. All cars need to be off of every street in town so the city street crews can clean the streets. After your street has been cleaned and only after your street has been cleared of the snow, you may again park on the street. If your vehicle is on the street while the removal of snow is taking place, the vehicle will get a parking ticket and also may be towed to a impound yard. The City of Huxley does have emergency snow routes, which are labeled as such. Those streets will be the first ones done when snow needs to be cleaned off the streets. If it is forecasted that it will or is a chance of snow during the overnight hours, please move your vehicles off the street so they can be cleaned. Even if it is 3 a.m., a police officer may wake you up and ask you to move your vehicle.

Does the Huxley Police Department fingerprint people for job applications or other personal matters?
Yes. You can call the police department at 515-597-2002 and speak with an officer to set up a time to do the fingerprinting. This may be done anytime during the day or night whichever more convenient for you. You will need to bring the fingerprint cards to be used. We do charge $5.00 per fingerprint card.

Does the Huxley Police Department fingerprint children?
Yes. The department has fingerprinted kids that are involved with different groups. We have gone to daycare centers and preschools and to fingerprint kids. Last year the Police Department got together with Ballard High School and an advisee group and they fingerprinted the entire Ballard Kindergarten class. We are going to try and make this a yearly event. If you feel an immediate need to fingerprint your child, please call the department to set up a time.

Does the City of Huxley have a severe weather outdoor warning system?
Yes. The emergency outdoor warning system (OWS) is activated whenever the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a tornado or severe storm warning for our area. All of Story County will follow the same criteria for activating the OWS in the area that may be impacted. The criteria for sounding the OWS is as follows:
– A National Weather Service Tornado Warning
– An actual sighting of a tornado by a NWS trained weather spotter
– A severe thunderstorm warning issued by the NWS with predicted/observed wind gusts of 70mph or greater and /or predicted/observed 1.75 inch/golf ball sized or larger hail
– Reports by trained spotters of damage or conditions consistent with wind gusts of 70mph or greater and/or 1.75 inch/golf ball sized or larger hail.
Also, we do not issue an “all clear” siren. Please refer to local radio, television stations or weather radios for when conditions are safe. Please do not call the police department during the storm unless it is an actual emergency.

It is a good idea to purchase a weather radio and listen to the warnings / watches that the NWS puts out. It would also be a good idea to listen to the warnings / watches for surrounding counties as well and the ones that we recommend to listen to are Boone, Dallas, Green and Polk. As most, but not all severe weather comes from the south, southwest and west.
The Safe Room / Storm Shelter for any resident is located at 515 N Main Ave. It is on the north side of the Rec Center building. The front / east doors will automatically unlock if the OWS is sounded and the public is encouraged to take shelter.

Who do I call if I have a problem with power or natural gas?
Depending on what area in town you live in, you may call Alliant Energy at 1-800-255-4268. Alliant does have about 90% of Huxley. Consumers Energy has the rest and they can be reached at 1-800-696-6552. If you think you may have a gas leak in your home, please leave the residence and make the call from a safe place. You may still call the Police Department and ask us to assist you.

Can I get a copy of a police or accident report?
Yes. Please call the department ahead of time so we may get the report needed and make a copy for you. The department does charge a small fee for copies.