Bill Pay Warning:

BEWARE! There is a third party website called that allows people to pay bills via their site. However, can charge unnecessary fees. To make sure you’re paying the City of Huxley directly, visit the city’s website only at

Library Program Information

Grow & Know:  Main Street Stories for toddlers and preschoolers meets every Wednesday at 9:30am, September through May

Daycare Visits occur on a regular basis throughout the school year. Jessica Leeds loves to visit and read to kids at the local daycares and preschools.

Two adult book clubs meet monthly.  The first Monday morning of each month at 10:00am, and the second Monday evening of each month at 6:00pm.

Friends of the Library is a 501C3 organization that comes alongside the library staff to volunteer, fundraise and help maintain all library programs.  They would love to have you join them.

Cathy Van Maanen is the Director of Library Services and can be reached in the library at 597-2552 concerning all these programs.


Please dot not flush baby wipes, disinfectant wipes or feminine hygiene products.  Such products can clog the city’s sewer system which could result in backup problems inside homes, businesses, etc.