City Certifies Maximum Tax Levy/Holds Budget Hearing

It is budget time for the cities in Iowa.  Due to new legislation, cities are required to hold two public hearings prior to approving a new budget.  All cities must pass a resolution establishing the maximum property tax dollars to certify for the levy, as defined in Section 384.15A of the state code.   The new legislation also created a 2% threshold that applies to the revenue derived from certain levies.  If the city’s planned revenue growth from those levies increases by more than 2%, as did the City of Huxley, the council must pass a resolution by at least two-thirds of the members.  Along with the new resolution, all cities must post notification and hold an additional public hearing and vote on the maximum property tax dollars to certify for the levy. Once the maximum property tax dollars resolution is adopted, the city can proceed to adopt the annual city budget. The entire process must be completed by March 31, 2022 and approved budgets are submitted to the Department of Management.  Below are links to the public hearings and resolutions.

Maximum Tax Levy Hearing Notice/Resolutions

City Drone Purchased with Donation Funds

The City recently received monies from several donors to purchase a drone.  Police Sargeant, Joe Marchesano, is certified to operate the drone.  The drone can be used for emergency services, conduct inspections, show construction progress, surveying, security, marketing – the sky’s the limit!  (tee hee!)

Watch for further details on the operation of the new drone.

Dog and Cat Licenses Discontinued

Huxley City Council discontinued the requirement for pet licenses on August 24, 2021, by Ordinance No. 519, striking Chapter 56, Dog and Cat Licenses Required, from the Huxley Code of Ordinances.  Residents are no longer required to obtain pet licenses from City Hall. Licenses that were issued in 2021 will expire at the end of the calendar year.

Chapter 55 of the Huxley Code of Ordinances, Animal Protection and Control, remains in effect and can be reviewed at beginning on page 301.

City Council Approves Water Conservation Plan

During times of drought, or equipment failure, the city’s water supply may become significantly and seriously depleted and there may be an insufficient supply of water to meet demands.  Depending on the conditions, the city can put into effect different levels of urgency.  The city has 4 emergency categories and each has its own list of restrictions.   Those categories are:

Water Watch
Water Warning – Stage 1
Water Warning – Stage 2
Water Emergency

To find out what the restrictions are for each category or further information pertaining to the Water Conservation Plan please click on the link below.
City of Huxley Water Conservation Plan