Individual Disaster Assistance Grant Funds Available to Eligible Residents


IIAGP offers grants to families whose household’s annual income is at 200% or less of the federal poverty level. Each qualifying household MAY receive up to $5,000.00. The IIAGP is activated when the Governor issues a disaster proclamation turning on IIAGP for the affected counties. Please note – if a presidential disaster declaration for Individual Assistance is issued for a county for the same event, the state program is automatically canceled for that county, as the federal program then goes into effect. The federal program does not have an income restriction.


The application may be downloaded by clicking on Iowa Disaster Assistance Application (Español). Applications can be turned in to a local Community Action Agency, go to to find your local agency. For the Iowa Individual Disaster Assistance Grant program information call toll-free 1-877-347-5678.+


FEMA Daily Fact Sheet



Disaster Case Management is a time limited resource and process that involves a partnership between a disaster case manager and a household impacted by a disaster to develop and carry out a Disaster Recovery Plan. This partnership provides the client with a single point of contact to facilitate access to a broad range of resources, promoting sustainable assistance for individual’s and a household’s recovery. These services are client focused, and provided in a manner consistent with standards for trauma-informed practice in human services.


Contact your local Community Action Agency at to find your local agency.

City Eases Emergency Water Conservation

Huxley Residents:

Your teamwork with us on water conservation efforts the last several weeks has been much appreciated! Community water usage and water production at the treatment plant have been stable and balanced. We’ve been watching the weather conditions closely to see when we could consider easing the conservation order.

On August 25th, City Council acted to ease the current conservation order on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays beginning August 31.

What does this mean?

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, residents are able to use water as they did before the conservation order went into effect. Irrigation, gardening, trees, plants, sprinklers for the kids and pools can all occur.

These days were chosen to try to ease us back to more “normal” water usage and provide Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekends for recovery at the plant.

Will the conservation order go back into effect again?

It could, yes. If the volume of community water usage again exceeds the ability to produce necessary levels at the plant and keep water in the tower for emergencies, the order would go back into place until things are safe again. Our recommendation is to proceed with water usage with conservation

What if I have questions?

Call City Hall at 515-597-2561




  • Story County Emergency Management (SCEM) has communicated with Homeland Security. Homeland Security intends to go to FEMA for Federal Individual Disaster Assistance for individuals, families, and businesses.  All jurisdictions in Story County will need to collect information on residential damages for our county to qualify for inclusion in the declaration if we get one.  There is no guarantee that this will occur but gathering the data is essential.
  • Residents Complete Self-Reporting:
    • Residents can report damages they have through a public damage reporting app at .  Story County will be making a push to residents to report damages using this app on their Facebook page.  The message is that we need the data to try to get federal assistance for families and individuals. However, just reporting the data will not initiate assistance. SCEM will also include information on the Iowa Aid formula that is for those at 200% of the poverty level and below.  When residents complete self-reporting, SCEM will offer the city a daily list of addresses from self-reported damages to the jurisdictions so the city can conduct damage assessments on those properties if we haven’t done so already.

The County and City requests the help of residents to report the damages to their property on the reporting app listed above. The more assistance provided by our residents, the more opportunity there can be for assistance to our communities.  Thank you!

Governor Makes A Visit to Huxley

Governor Reynolds visited Huxley on Friday, August 14th to check on our community after the storm.  Below are photos of city staff with the governor.  Featured photo:  Mayor Kevin Deaton with Governor.  Photos below left to right:  Gerry Stoll, Police Chief  and Public Works Director, Jeff Peterson.