Below are the regulations pertaining to snow removal in the City of Huxley.

  1. 69.10 SNOW REMOVAL. Vehicles shall not be parked or left standing on any part of the right-of-way of a public street during any time when snow removal operations are in progress and before such operations have resulted in the removal or clearance of snow or ice from such street or streets. There shall be a presumption that snow removal operations are in progress whenever there is an accumulation of at least one inch of snow or ice continuing until such accumulations have actually been removed from a public right-of-way.
  2. 135.12 DUMPING OF SNOW. It is unlawful for any person to throw, push, or place or cause to be thrown, pushed, or placed, any ice or snow from private property, sidewalks, or driveways onto the traveled way of a street or alley so as to obstruct gutters, or impede the passage of vehicles upon the street or alley or to create a hazardous condition therein; except where, in the cleaning of large commercial drives in the business district it is absolutely necessary to move the snow onto the street or alley temporarily, such accumulation shall be removed promptly by the property owner or agent. Arrangements for the prompt removal of such accumulations shall be made prior to moving the snow.
  3. 136.03 REMOVAL OF SNOW, ICE AND ACCUMULATIONS. The abutting property owner shall remove snow, ice, and accumulations promptly from sidewalks. If a property owner does not remove snow, ice, or accumulations within a reasonable time, not to exceed 24 hours from the end of the event, the City may do so and assess the costs against the property owner for collection in the same manner as a property tax. The abutting property owner may be liable for damages caused by failure to remove snow, ice, and accumulations promptly from the sidewalk.

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