Huxley residents: City Council and staff have continued work to prepare for our community conversation meetings on connecting Huxley with sidewalks and trails. The informal open house meetings will be held Tuesday September 21st  and Thursday September 23rd, both from 6 pm to 7:30 pm in the Safe Room at 515 N. Main Avenue.

Our key questions going into this public input process:

Where are the areas in our community where citizens may not have access to a sidewalk or trail?

What are Huxley citizens seeking from us in terms of how we connect our community for pedestrians and bicyclists?

And most importantly: How do we obtain the direct public input necessary to see what our citizens want from us on the subject of sidewalks and trails?

The Huxley City Council is seeking public input on the concept of sidewalk and trail connectivity in our community. Understanding what the public is interested to see will help define any next steps. At this point, there are no set projects or a formal methodology of how any future projects would be approached. An initial look has been taken at potential scenarios; no decisions will be made until the public has the opportunity to participate in the discussion.  

Please contact us with questions at 515-597-2561 or email Rita Conner at; Heather Denger at; or Jeff Peterson at

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