Summer Help Gets the Work Done!

Check out this crew!  These hard workers are the part-time employees the city hired to assist with all the extra work that is needed during the summer months.  These kids mow the seven parks and all other city grounds, pour concrete,  repair streets, plant flowers, erect playground equipment, shovel rock, paint parking lots  – the list is long and the temps are HOT!  If you see one of these employees please applaud them for all their efforts.

Putting Up a Yard Sign? Know the Rules!

Many Huxley residents like to announce a yard sale, support a candidate, or cheer on the home team with a temporary yard sign.  There are rules that address the placement of these signs.  When locating the right spot for your yard sign, please keep in mind:

  • Signs should be placed behind the property line and are prohibited in the public right-of-way, which is the area located between the curb and the back of the sidewalk.  For properties without sidewalks, the right-of-way width varies, but is usually the first 14.5 feet behind the curb in residential neighborhoods.
  • Signs can not be placed on public property such as medians, near intersections, in parks or on utility poles.
  • Signs should never block the view of oncoming traffic or create a hazard.  Signs that affect visibility are subject to removal.

The city’s sign ordinance is included in Huxley’s Code of Ordinances, Chapter 165.32.  Code of Ordinances is located on website.  For questions, call City Hall at 515.597.2561.

Whistle Stop Daycare Kids Visit Chief Pote

The Wallaby class from the Whistle Stop Daycare/Preschool visited the police station and presented Chief Pote with a handmade poster that expressed their appreciation to the police for their service.  The children also brought doughnuts to share with the city’s police officers and sang the song “That’s America to Me”  to show their gratitude.

Tree Trimming

The City has finished its yearly inspection of trees that overhang the street and/or sidewalk.   The City Code states that “trees shall be kept trimmed to a clearance height of fourteen (14) feet for branches overhanging a street and eight (8) feet for branches overhanging a sidewalk.”  It is the homeowners’ responsibility to trim these trees and to dispose of the branches.  The City will have tree branch drop-off days on July 15, July 29, and August 5 at the City Maintenance Shop, 601 Oak Blvd, from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon to help dispose of the branches.  Trees must be trimmed by July 31st.  If trees are not done by this date, the City will trim the trees and residents will be charged the costs to trim tree.  Feel free to call 597-2256 with any questions or concerns.