Mosquito Season is Here!

It begins!  The mosquitoes are starting to come out.  The city has contracted with Mosquito Control of Iowa to attempt to keep those pesky insects from getting out of control.   There is not a set schedule for mosquito spraying.  Times can vary depending on weather and number of other localities that need mosquito control.  If you have health issues and would like to be notified when a spray will occur, please contact City Hall at 515-597-2561, extension 0.

Illegal to Blow Grass Clippings into Street

DON’T BLOW GRASS CLIPPINGS INTO STREET. It a violation of the city’s municipal code to blow grass clippings into city streets. When yard waste is discarded or blown into the street system, it can cause drainage/sewage issues.  Public works employees try to keep storm drains open and grass clippings can block downstream storm water inlet grates and pipes, causing storm water to back up unto the street, creating flooding conditions.