City Administration Offices Closed to Public

  • City Administration Offices are Open for Business but Closed to the Public.
    Parks and Recreation Department is open.  Check website under Departments/Parks and Recreation for admission details.

To contact City Hall please call 515-597-2561

Water Payments
Check or money order can be deposited in the drop box in north parking lot.  Credit or debit card payments can be made on the homepage of the city’s website:

The City also offers and recommends automatic withdrawal.  To sign up please go to website and download the ACH form. Completed form can be emailed to

Building and Home Improvement Permits
Permit forms can be downloaded from the city website. Completed forms can be emailed to Payments can be made by check or money order and placed in city drop box. Credit and debit card payments can be made by visiting the city’s website.

Pet Licenses
Pet license form can be downloaded from website.  Completed form plus proof of rabies vaccination and check or money order payments can be placed in city drop box. Credit and debit card payments can be made via website. Completed forms and proof of vaccination can also be emailed to

Should you have other business to conduct please call City Hall at 515-597-2561 for instructions.


Thank you for your patience and assistance during this pandemic.   

City Plans for Expansion of Water Treatment Facility

Huxley Residents,

This summer brought us the City’s first water conservation order back in July. The decision was made by City Council due to nearing inability to keep up with production at the plant with the high level of usage.

What we tried to provide on the city’s website, social media and citizen calls the last few months was an explanation of what had occurred and what we were working through.

We are bringing some additional information on the work that’s been done on this matter since this spring and placing it in a prominent and easily accessible place on our website.  Please follow the links below!  This issue will be on the City Council agenda again on September 22nd.

Contact us with any questions!

City Administrator’s Council Communication

WTP Expansion Handout at 5.12.20 Work Session

WTP Expansion Handout at 8.25.20 Council Meeting

Graph of Huxley Water Treatment Plant Pumpage from 2018 to 2020.

Huxley Debt Book