City Drone Purchased with Donation Funds

The City recently received monies from several donors to purchase a drone.  Police Sargeant, Joe Marchesano, is certified to operate the drone.  The drone can be used for emergency services, conduct inspections, show construction progress, surveying, security, marketing – the sky’s the limit!  (tee hee!)

Watch for further details on the operation of the new drone.

City Election – Tuesday, November 2. Meet the Candidates on Thursday, October 21

Meet the City and School Board Candidates
Thursday, October 21st, Huxley Library
5:30 – 7:00–pm

This will be an informal evening with an opportunity for you to have a personal conversation with each candidate.  Ask questions, get answers and be prepared to vote on November 2.

City Candidates
Mayor – Kevin Deaton

Dave Kuhn (incumbent)
Greg Mulder (incumbent)
Rory Echer
Niko Pilcher

School Board Candidates
Jean Saveraid – (incumbent)
Stacey Noe

District 3:
Darin Wohlgemuth (incumbent)
Grant Nason




Dog and Cat Licenses Discontinued

Huxley City Council discontinued the requirement for pet licenses on August 24, 2021, by Ordinance No. 519, striking Chapter 56, Dog and Cat Licenses Required, from the Huxley Code of Ordinances.  Residents are no longer required to obtain pet licenses from City Hall. Licenses that were issued in 2021 will expire at the end of the calendar year.

Chapter 55 of the Huxley Code of Ordinances, Animal Protection and Control, remains in effect and can be reviewed at beginning on page 301.