Fire and Rescue – Volunteer!

Huxley Fire Rescue Employment

Huxley Fire Rescue is currently seeking volunteers, and we need YOU! If you are 18 years or older and live within three (3) miles of Huxley or currently work in Huxley and your employer will allow you to leave for calls during the day…stop by City Hall and pick up an application today! No experience is necessary, however previous fire training and/or emergency medical training is a plus. Our department will provide you with training, gear, and experience if you can commit to meeting some simple requirements. Twenty-four hours of training a year is required to be a firefighter with the City of Huxley. EMS training requires more, and depends on what level of certification you obtain with the state of Iowa.
This is highly skilled emergency fire fighting, emergency medical services and other emergency response work.  The work involves responsibility for participating in the provision of fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical services as well as fire prevention and public fire safety education.  Members are required to meet specified certification criteria and Fire Department training requirements.  Members operate on a paid‑on‑call basis, attend drills and meetings, and function as crewmembers.
Work also involves the operation of fire and emergency medical services equipment, and the maintenance of equipment, apparatus and fire station facilities. Members are required to operate apparatus and hazardous tasks and skilled medical procedures under emergency conditions which may involve strenuous exertion under such handicaps as fire, heat, smoke and cramped surroundings.
Although firefighting, emergency medical services, and other emergency response work are the most difficult and demanding areas of activity, a substantial portion of time will be spent training and studying methods, techniques, and procedures for various emergency response activities.  Members will also participate in fire prevention, public fire safety education, pre‑incident planning and other similar activity.  Fire department personnel will also perform routine duties in the maintenance, inspection, testing and cleaning of fire department property, facilities and equipment.  Members will read, comprehend, write, prepare reports and utilize computer equipment for a variety of applications.
Work is generally performed in accordance with department rules and regulations, standard operating procedures and general orders, while under the supervision of a company officer or duty officer.  Work performance is evaluated on the basis of initiative shown, fulfillment of job expectations and responsibilities, general conduct and member participation on special committees and assignments.
Huxley Fire Rescue responds to about 300 calls a year, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. These calls consist of everything from house fires, grass fires, car accidents, medical calls, and more. We are a growing city with needs that are always changing. If you are highly motivated, with a desire to learn, and have great people skills- this might be the job for you.
Stop by City Hall today!