Mission & Purpose

The Library Board oversees all library operations. They set library policy and control library spending. This board is fully independent of the city although the majority of their funding comes from the city.

Library Board fo Trustees: 6 year terms (7)

Kate Ehresman

Board Member

Term Started: 7/1/2019
Address: 30785 Deer Drive
Phone: 450-4426
Email: ehresmankate@gmail.com

Judy Fausch

Board Member

Term Started: 7/1/2019 204
Address: Sycamore
Phone: 597-3179
Email: djfausch@gmail.com

Tami Wilson

Board Member

Term Started:  7/1/2019
Address: 107 Lynwood
Phone: 597-3476
Email: tamiwilson@rocketmail.com

Tom Friedrichsen


Term Started:  7/1/2017
Address: 30962 560th Ave
Phone: 597-3624
Email: thomasjfriedrichsen@hotmail.com

Chuck Helms

Board Member

Term Started:  7/1/2017
Address: 811 Pine Valley Dr.
Phone: 971-0889
Email: charlie@huxcomm.net

Don Brendeland

Board Member

Term Started: 7/1/2021
Address: 304 N. 4th
Phone: 597-2342
Email: donshir@huxcomm.net

Marilyn Greene


Term Started:  7/1/2021
Address: 305 W. 5th St.
Phone: 597-2265
Email: marilyngreen29@yahoo.com

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