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SUDAS – Design Manual15 documents

  • SUDAS Design Manual 2017-Edition.pdf
  • Chapter 01-General Provisions.pdf
  • Chapter 02-Stormwater.pdf
  • Chapter 03-Sanitary Sewers.pdf
  • Chapter 04-Water Mains.pdf
  • Chapter 05-Roadway Design.pdf
  • Chapter 06-Geotechnical.pdf
  • Chapter 07-Erosion Sediment Control.pdf
  • Chapter 08-Parking Lots.pdf
  • Chapter 09-Utilities.pdf
  • Chapter 10-Street Tree Criteria.pdf
  • Chapter 11-Street Lighting.pdf
  • Chapter 12-Sidewalks and Bicycle Facilities.pdf
  • Chapter 13-Traffic Signals.pdf
  • Chapter 14-Trenchless Construction.pdf

SUDAS – Specifications13 documents

  • SUDAS Specs 2017 Edition.pdf
  • Division 01-General Provisions Covenants.pdf
  • Division 02-Earthwork.pdf
  • Division 03-Trench Trenchless Construction.pdf
  • Division 04-Sewers Drains.pdf
  • Division 05-Water Mains Appurtenances.pdf
  • Division 06-Structures for Sanitary Storm Sewers.pdf
  • Division 07-Streets Related Work.pdf
  • Division 08-Traffic Control.pdf
  • Division 09-Site Work Landscaping.pdf
  • Division 10-Demolition.pdf
  • Division 11-Miscellaneous.pdf
  • Statewide Urban Standard Specs for Public Improvements.pdf