Comprehensive Plan


At its most basic level, a Comprehensive Plan is a statement of policy and intent. It gives direction to the community as to the location, form, and function of growth. Since the Plan is a policy document, its recommendations must be implemented through the policies, programs, and ordinances dealing with both
current and long term concerns and issues. Planning can result in budgetary savings and a more efficient, workable and attractive City. A Comprehensive Plan is a backbone of the community providing consistent direction over time with valuable information and predictability for residents and developers. The Plan consists of several chapters, which include information on growth management, land use planning, parks and recreations, population, housing, public facilities and services, infrastructure and transportation.

Each chapter contains factual based discussion, an analysis of future needs, and associated goals. As a result, this Comprehensive Plan provides a vision of Huxley’s future, helping guide the growth of the community. The Comprehensive Plan also provides a framework for land use regulations, recognizing that the people of a community live cooperatively and therefore have certain responsibilities to one another. These regulations determine how land is developed within a city and in its extra-territorial jurisdiction. Under Iowa law, land use regulations such as zoning ordinances must be established and enforced in accordance with an approved Comprehensive Plan. The zoning and subdivision ordinances should be designed to be supportive and consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.
Comprehensive planning does not end with adoption of the plan so an important aspect of any plan is its implementation. This Comprehensive Plan presents an integrated action program that will help city officials and staff to implement the goals of the community.

The plan can be downloaded here