Huxley Splash Pad

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In April 2021 Kreg Tool made a very large donation with the planned purpose for Huxley to build a Splash Pad.  Since that time the Parks and Recreation Board, along with Huxley City Council, have been working through possible sites for the splash pad as well as whether we should build a recirculating splash pad or a flow-through splash pad.   The decision to build a recirculating system was determined through multiple conversations with Huxley city staff and other communities.   The State of Iowa views a recirculating system as a pool which means there are many more regulations that must be met when determining location.   A recirculating system is significantly more expensive to build than a flow-through system however less expensive to operate and maintain.   The site we are planning on building the Splash Pad is at Nord Kalsem Park which lines up with the 2013 Comprehensive Plan for Huxley.

The Parks and Recreation Board, with the help of Friends of Huxley, are still in need of raising an additional funds for this project.  Brick Sales, Corporate Fundraising, Tournaments, Grant Writing and general donations are all ways we plan on raising the funds.  Once funds are all in this project will be underway.  We hope to start construction Fall 2023 however all funds must be raised prior to that point.  We’d love to have the Splash Pad up and running in 2024.  With your support, this dream can become reality.


Map of Planned Location for Splash Pad


Huxley Parks and Recreation Department
515 N. Main Avenue
Huxley, Iowa 50124